Following my recent re-ignition of my blog (which is powered by Wordpress), I began the hunt for a theme on which to build my site design. I've been a massive fan of the Twitter Bootstrap framework for some time now, given its time saving styles written in LESS. The fact that responsive design is thrown in the mix makes it very attractive as a framework on which to start new web projects. I have found myself using it on several web projects recently. I contemplated writing my own Wordpress template based on Bootstrap, but a quick search on Google revealed the theme that this site is currently using, called Alienship. Since uploading the Alienship theme and switching to it in Wordpress, I've since changed the default TwentyEleven theme header images (which are carried over to Alienship) with some photos taken by my fiancee. With a Bootstrap-based theme on which to build my own design, I am now able to crack on with getting a design finalised whilst I continue to add blog posts. Thanks for stopping by.